Design, Fabrication and Commissioning of Indirect Fired Water Bath Heater

image_heater_1   image_heater_2

Design and Fabrication of Knock-Out Drum Skid


Design, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning of Remote Control System

image_drum_skid   image_remote_control_system

Design, Fabrication, Factory Testing and Commissioning of Natural Gas Pressure Regulating, Metering, Filtration and Heating System

image_heating_system_1   image_heating_system_2

Design, Fabrication and Testing of Liquid Separator Skid


Design, Fabrication and Testing of Liquid Separator

image_liquid_separator_skid   image_liquid_separator

Design, Build & Testing of Fuel Gas Booster Compressor System

image_gas_booster_compressor_system_1   image_gas_booster_compressor_system_2

Design, Build & Cryogenic Testing of LNG Custody Metering System

lng custody metering system   cryogenic testing lng metering system

Design, Build & Testing of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

design build shell and tube heat exchanger